Why do I combine images and texts?

The main goal of every creator is for their work to reach understanding of people. Each person has in themselves an artistic and a linguistic way of observing the world. Some people are more keen of images, whereas others like words more.

My love for poetry has taught me to speak and write clear and to the point. The poetry has always been my guide.

My artistic criteria are based on truth. And these are the criteria I want to persevere in my images and texts.

Through my art I want to create something that enables people to experience it as a whole. The word and an image create wholeness. An image is always my first intention, but there are things some people don’t see. That is why I use words to make clear, what I want to show with the image. The combination of a word and an image is in my opinion essential for the quality experience of The Hope series.

To create a great work of art an artist needs absolute freedom; the artist cannot be hindered or limited by anything. The artistic freedom allows the artist to use a word and an image at the same time.

To persevere my own artistic freedom, I gave up the fight for money and the battle for success among the painters after my studies. Despite that I have been painting all the time since then. My paintings are safely stored in my archive. Some I have given to my friends; others are kept in my private collection. My final decision is to create for myself, because of myself, and within my criteria. When the time is right to come forward as a painter, I will have an exhibition of my work.


The Hope series

As a civilization on this wonderful planet Earth we are confronted with many challenges. Because of that we all need hope and trust, so that we can believe in ourselves and others enough to build a new way of life.

I have met many people who need a positive guidance and hope. The Hope series is written for all people; most of all, I believe it is crucial that also young people read it - they are the future.

Hope is the energy that accompanies us in the most difficult moments in life. Hope opens the door to the solution. And that is why I work in faith that everything is possible.

The Treasure In a Human

The book is dedicated to people, who are looking for support on their journey of personal growth, self-healing and enriching their quality of life. The book is full of hope and signifies a possibility that people use their free will to create a solution for themselves and others. The Treasure in a Human helps you recognize ways to heal the pain in your heart. The narrative is based on the notion of a human, seeking the treasure of healing. The book shows you the path to this treasure. The content of this book is pure experiential truth of its author, Dara Aratt, whose message is: ‘On my path to finding the solution there were many times when I lost strength, lost hope, almost gave up. But then I began searching once and again. Despite everything, I found the flame of my inner transformation and set my heart free.

Now I know this flame is the greatest treasure of a human heart. I hope everyone who reads this book finds it. It’s worth trying! What if we all break free? ’In The Treasure in a Human the paintings contain a simple and truthful message of the story.

The author’s paintings and poems give the book a unique artistic value.

The Light Beams

There are twelve messages in the book The Light Beams that as the light beams lead a person from an individual experience to the experience with others, then to the experience with the community of humankind, and in the end to the experience with the whole universe.

The author's paintings and words are there to transmit the messages of light, or as Dara Aratt calls them – the light beams. The light beams find the right way and time to reach every person.

These light beams are really a great opportunity for everyone!

The image of a snake

In the book The Light Beams, there are many unusual images that show a need for a different perception of the universe. Among them there are some images of a snake and that is why I would like to explain the symbol of it. 

Firstly, the snake is a symbol that has a symbolic message. Beside that, one should know that the snake represents energy, and that its symbolic representation has nothing to do with the actual animal.

Secondly, in my paintings some snakes are standing on their tails and are crawling up in the sky, which is very unusual for the snake. There is another way through which I paint the snakes, and that is in a spiral or in symmetrical waves. I paint like this on purpose, because as the author of the book I wanted to show that the snake is the Earth’s protector, its keeper. In truth, the snake is a symbol of the Earth and represents its energy. That is why the snake is worth every respect. It is not something dangerous; it has healing powers. Its content represents the cultural behaviour that is not known yet. The Earth, as the ruler of our physical life, wants us to behave in a civilized manner, to use the energy in a civilized, and cultivated way. And this manner shows the direction of Earth’s help to humankind.

Moreover, the snake is also a symbol of the ancient female cultures and always represents the Earth, and the female. The snake usually appears in the connection to the queen of the planet, to the mother of all universe, who is the protector of all life.

One of the best and well-known symbols of the maternity, and the queen of the Earth is Jesus’ mother Mary. She does not fear the snake; she steps on it and this is how she calms it down and tames it. In my opinion, as Mother Mary steps on the snake, she connects with it and the Earth, but does not destroy it. Mother Mary shows with this act that the snake in a person can be calmed down, disciplined and cultivated. This is a civilized way of something that could turn out as a fight. But the fight is never a solution. In the fight there is always someone who loses. So the snake is actually a part of a human that needs to be acknowledged; and then to be cultivated.

Thirdly, to be able to live in a harmony with the laws of the Earth, it is necessary to accept the message that the Earth sends beams of light from the inner part of its body towards the sky. This is how it greets the Sky.

The energetic paths of the snakes always end with the green crown on the head of a snake and that is the symbol of health. The body’s healing energy pathways or the meridians help a human body to heal and regenerate itself. In some of the paintings of gods, I’ve noticed that there are snakes on gods’ foreheads (e. g. the Egyptian goddess Isis). All these snakes are cultivated; they act in a cultivated manner, they do not threat, they just exist. This is the energy of spiritual mature people.

Everything I’ve written about the snakes I’ve done with the pure intention to give the snake its real value, so that it does not stay trampled, humiliated, and downtrodden on the ground. The snake itself is the Earth. And this is very important for each and every person. We all need the Earth’s energy.