Membership statement


My heart's intention is to live my life in love and respect wtih all life everywhere.

My inner longing for the truth, love, and beauty guided me through the dark side of life and brought me into the state of self awareness where I merged with my true identity. This awakening connects me with my deep devotion to life, creation, art, and universal language of harmony. I am aware that my life was and still is in service of "art" as the ancient world lived it. My memory of ancient times when art was a manifestation of divine and harmony law in service of life is still alive and guides me through my life and tries to manifest in my work.

Study of art at the Academy of Art combined with my spiritual study laid the basis for my later establishment of School of Universal Harmony in Slovenia, which combines both aspects: art and spirituality. I have been running this school for five years now.

At the same time the Flower of Life gave me the opportunity to be myself and be able to help others. Meeting Drunvalo Melchizedek proved my belief that everything is possible in life and that everything is connected with everything. This belief inspires me and connects me with my source and our common source of life.

I believe completely in the Flower of Life way and MERKABA light body practice in life.

I know that this is the greatest gift for everyone on the Earth.

I am ready to serve the life as much as I am able in this moment.

I am very grateful for this opportunity in my life.

Love from Dara